J4GJF.... has been the personalised registration number of all my recent cars. My most favourite was a little blue Smartcar. Unfortunately it didn't accommodate my current lifestyle. 

I’ve been using an iMac computer for quite a few years and also have an iPad and an iPhone which work seamlessly with it. It was a very steep learning curve, working out what are the best programs and how they work. It was also very stressful when the hard drive failed - but Apple replaced it free of charge because it shouldn't have failed so soon. The difficult part was the weeks of anxiety while data was eventually restored. I would love to have the equivalent of Microsoft Publisher, Access and Frontpage, but there are other programs that do most of what I need. I have my old copy of iWeb working at the moment - I’m dreading not being able to use it.

I love family history and spend hours looking things up on the internet. I am now researching as many "Flintham" and "Fixter" names that I can find with the hope of linking the people into families, extending my family tree and gaining new cousins. I hope this will become a useful resource for others researching the "Flintham" and "Fixter" names. I have also an interest in researching  Arthur Tomkinson Haywood who made some of my extended family beneficiaries to his estate in South Africa. It would be really interesting to find out more information about him and understand how he was related.

My next interest is music. I like all sorts to listen to and I love my Sonos System. I am learning how to play my Keyboards and Piano. I have regular lessons with Sheila from Cheadle Hulme Music Academy. If I practiced more I would be able to attempt some grade exams.

My other hobby is taking photographs. I have lots of pictures taken on various cameras. As digital cameras have developed I have updated. I took some great photos with my Canon 550D SLR but it was heavy, and it was frustrating having to keep changing lenses. I’ve just gone back to a Panasonic TZ40 - it takes great pictures and the colour balance is great. I’m thinking I'd like a Hybrid Bridge superzoom next time as they have much better zooms - something like the Panasonic FZ2000 - however the current model doesn't have a very high resolution. You have to balance the weight and size with the quality of photo.

I really need to sort out my photos and produce some gallery pages. At the moment my music practice and a million other things seems to take priority.


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